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    2-Step Verification


      I received and email from GO365 Community indicating that it was going to a 2-step verification  and gave a link to https://community.medicare.go365.com/docs/DOC-1245

      for more details.


      That does not exist.

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          Beginning March 16, logging in to your account will work a little differently.


          1. When you login to Go365.com, you'll enter your username and password as usual.

          2. Then, you'll set up 2-step verification with your email address, with an option to add a mobile number.


          Moving forward, any time you access Go365 from a new device, you'll receive a one-time confirmation code that you'll use to sign in, similar to requests you might get from your bank or cellphone carrier. This will prevent anyone from trying to login to your account from an unrecognized device without your permission.

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            I went to the link for 2 step verification sent to me by email. That link does NOT exist. What is up with this?

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                The email with the link was sent to your email, due to a post/alert on this website. The posting has since been removed, but included the exact verbiage I have included above. The change will not be made until Saturday, 3/16/19.

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                    Thank youMarlene  










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